Wabeno, WI - 03/07/2020

Grooming Reports and Trail Conditions
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Wabeno, WI - 03/07/2020

Post by Jim » Sat Mar 07, 2020 11:57 am

The sun sets on another season (trails close March 16th), but not before the Wabeno Tucker-Terra Sno-Cat was able to embark on a grooming marathon, and the following trails were groomed yesterday and last night: SS1, SS6, LMT8 (from Int30 to 29B), NST3, NST4, SSL, SS3 (from Int12 to Himley Lake), LMT3 (from Int10 to Int12), NST2, SS2. Trails were rated GOOD to VERY GOOD with some FAIR stretches yesterday. But that was yesterday. ALL RIDERS were extremely happy to be riding as displayed by all of the 'thumbs ups', 'kisses', 'fist pumps, and 'prayers' given. :D The short term forecast for today (Sunny 40's) and tomorrow (Sunny 50s) doesn't look too promising, so expect trails to deteriorate rather rapidly. I hope you got a chance to get out and ride. Overall, it's been a very good year, with consistently great trails week after week. This picture is just west of Int6 on the SSL looking west. Ride Right and Stay Safe! :ugeek:
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Re: Wabeno, WI - 03/07/2020

Post by Yamahinn09 » Sun Mar 08, 2020 9:14 pm

Again, thanx for the great work you guys do!!

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