Wabeno, WI - 02/27/2020

Grooming Reports and Trail Conditions
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Wabeno, WI - 02/27/2020

Post by Jim » Thu Feb 27, 2020 6:25 am

The following trails were groomed yesterday: NST4, SSL, SS3 (from INT12 to Himley Lake) and are rated in GOOD to VERY GOOD conditions with some thin/bare spots, icy corners, and icy stretches. One particular icy stretch worth noting is a stretch just south of the Torpee Creek bridge on the NST4. Overall trails are holding up well with colder temps and lighter traffic. You might want to slow down a bit due to conditions. Your skills may be fine, but you don't know who or what you might see around the next corner. I saw where one fellow hit a tree, only after passing a Winding Trail sign, a Caution sign, and a Stay On Trail sign. IDK how much more signing is needed, unless they make a "You are about to crash" sign! And even that may not be enough. This picture is from the SSL north of INT95. Stay Right and Ride Safe. :ugeek:
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