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Armstrong Creek Update 1/12

Posted: Sun Jan 12, 2020 10:33 am
The Armstrong Creek trail sections were groomed late friday and saturday night . There was an extremely high volume of riders in the area on saturday . The trails south of Armstrong Creek (SS1 & SS6), are in great shape with the two icy areas on the Rat River section looking good and snow covered . To the North on SS2 & the NST1 trail conditions are near Excellent especially in the Newald and Popple River areas. Watch for deer crossing the NST here , we have seen a few close calls. Please use caution when riding anywhere , there was a lot of aggresive riding happening this weekend :cry: . ALWAYS EXPECT A RIDER OR GROOMER AROUND EVERY CORNER. Our trails are not a closed circuit race track , please ride right and leave some trail for the next guy. I saw the 3 Stooges in quite a few sections over the weekend . "Long-Track Jack", "Unicorns" and "Conveyor-Belt Carl" were all out this weekend . More explanation of these characters to follow in upcoming posts , but you get the "drift"... ha ha . Enjoy your sunday ride folks. GO PACKERS :!: :!: