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Post by kevinj » Thu Mar 14, 2019 1:20 pm

snohawk;24300 wrote:You are correct about the 4 clubs mentioned having the riding trails, but I will also add Chute Pond to the list.
When I came from the north and got to the intersection 145 it was marked pretty good a few weeks ago, had an arrow to Wabeno and one to Crooked Lake. We took the trail from 143 up to 141 then to Dunbar. There was another intersection between 143 and 141 that said Crooked Lake/ Wabeno going to the left or west. I am thinking that it must be right around Benson Lake rd east of Tower Rd. I would like to see that trail on the map as it was not on the Polaris app.
I am betting there is an intersection marker at Benson Lake Road when you cross it running from Int 143 to 141. Pionting west for ATVs at that point would take you towards wabeno and crooked lake. I remember getting lost out there one night on a back pack trip from St Germain to 4-Seasons. The people at the greenshack told me to just run Benson Lake Road all the way to 4-seasons. This was I think Feb 2012 the day after that enormous snow storm that buried trail signs.

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